Strengthen ESG scores with Big Data

Supplement your existing ESG intelligence by using enriched comprehensive coverage of ESG factors and behaviors across all entities and industries with alternative data from Nexis DaaS.

Our unrivalled global news and data collection offers comprehensive breadth and depth of media data to support your investment, regulatory and business process. Integrate our news feeds, social commentary, broadcast transcripts and online forums to gain deeper ESG insights and plug existing data gaps.

What types of data can LexisNexis offer?

PEPs, sanctions and watchlists: 1.5 million PEPs, international sanctions, and 1,400+ watch lists and blacklists originating from enforcement agencies in 240 countries and territories

Company information: 280 million global public and private companies’ data includes key financial stability indicators and corporate hierarchies, plus legal entity data for DBA names

Legal: Vital regulatory and legal information, including data on civil and criminal cases covering multiple jurisdictions, and cases from the International Court of Justice

Licensed print, broadcast and web news: Leading daily newspapers plus transcripts of radio and television broadcast reporting. Access80,000+ news sources from 100+ countries in 75 languages

Online news, blogs, and social commentary: Access both licensed and open source data and news from a single source. Also includes magazines, trade journals, newswires and press releases

An enrichment process that resolves and refines data results for extraction

We infuse meaning into our vast amounts of content through an intelligent data enrichment process. This proprietary data categorization and indexing, along with third-party tagging, enables more efficient, targeted data calls and results wrangling.

What is SmartIndexing?

SmartIndexing™ is our proprietary, rule-based technology that analyzes and tags documents to help overcome information overload. It leverages natural language processing, algorithmic semantic analysis, and supervised machine learning to classify data based on subjects, industries, companies, organizations, people, and places.

  • Use SmartIndexing Relevancy Scores to help you filter out the noise
  • Leverage subject tags to monitor key events
  • Add industry index terms to focus in on a specific industry
  • Take advantage of Power Topics to boost search relevancy in a single click

Why choose Nexis Data as a Service?

With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalization and metadata enrichments, Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of artificial intelligence applications.

Whether you want to integrate data into your in-house ERM system, support ESG efforts or leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance risk visibility, you need access to timely, relevant data.

Nexis Data as a Service can help you:

  • Integrate third-party data such as licensed news and social commentary into your proprietary analytics applications
  • Help fill in blind spots, where an existing ESG content provider has gaps
  • Ingest targeted big data to power machine learning algorithms to uncover emerging trends or new risk
  • Identify additional information relevant to an organization’s ESG policy or commitments, outside of the reporting framework

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